Watch the video together. Then, throughout the day, ask “what if?” questions to inspire children to imagine and wonder.

  • Try questions that lead to back and-forth talking, such as: “What do you see at this construction site?” Build on his answers: “I see the hammer, too. What do you think it’s for?”
  • Family meals are a great time to ask one another questions. Try: “What was the best thing about today?” or “What do you think about…?” Kids’ answers will help you get to know their likes and dislikes and can lead to more questions and answers such as, “What are you looking forward to tomorrow?”
  • Ask questions that encourage more than a “yes” or “no” answer to keep the conversation going. Go beyond “what” “who” “when” and “where” questions and ask “why” and “how” questions.
  • If a bus passes by while you’re outside walking, ask: “What if you were on that bus? Where would you want it to take you?” Silly answers are okay, the goal is conversation!