Changes can be difficult for young children (and grown-ups!) to navigate. They may have big feelings and big questions. Both are okay. When your family is facing a change, it can help to:  

  • Stick to routines. Changes can cause routines to change, too. But strive to keep at least one consistent. Something as simple as a special hug in the morning or reading a bedtime story can provide stability and comfort.  
  • Hold on to what stays the same. Think—and talk—about what things will stay the same. Say, “No matter what, we will always…” and then fill in the blanks.  
  • Look forward to learning together. Change often means learning new things (or doing old things in new ways). Remind your child that you’ll all be learning—together!  

The videos and activities in this bundle offer more ideas to help your family cope with big changes.  

  1. 1

    Mae’s Minute: Big Changes 


    Grown-ups can watch this video to learn a few tips on how to handle big changes in a child’s life.  


  2. 2

    Elmo’s World News: Big changes


    In this video, Elmo and special grown-up reporter, Elmo’s Mommy, talk about big changes they’ve faced—and what helped!  Watch together with children, then talk about what helps you feel better when things change.  

  3. 3

    What Changes? What Stays the Same?

    Download printable

    Print this page and complete it together. First, explain that even though it seems like everything is changing, some things will never change. For instance, you may be going to school at home this year, but it’s your enthusiasm and persistence that stays the same. There are also routines that never change like having breakfast or getting ready for school.