Bedtime can be a challenging time for many kids. They may want to make the day (and their time with you) last just a little bit longer.

Having a bedtime routine that they do every night (or even before naps) can be a huge comfort to little ones. You might try the following things to make bedtime easier:

  • Do the same routine every night, at the same time. You might begin with a bath and brushing teeth, read two books, and then turn out the light for bed. To help kids remember the steps, give the routine a special name such as “B, B, B, B” for bath, brushing teeth, books, and bed.
  • End each bedtime routine with the same words. For instance, you might name three good things to dream about and then say, “I love you and I’ll see you in the morning.”
  • Try singing kids the same soothing, calming lullaby each night. Encourage them to close their eyes, and rub their backs as you sing.