1. Before Viewing: Explain to your child that together you’ll watch this video to see how Abby’s mom helps her make a new yummy treat using foods they have on hand. (You might share this video before you shop for groceries or receive a delivery, to help children prepare for the possibility that all the items may not arrive.)
  1. During Viewing: Pause if your child has questions, and talk together about what you’re seeing. Ask:
    • “What is a need? What is a want? Can you explain the difference?”
    • “What of smoothie [or other favorite treat] would you most like to have? What could we use if we didn’t have [ingredient]?”
  1. After Viewing: Talk more about needs and wants. On a sheet of paper, write the word “needs” on one half and “wants” on the other. Then talk about and draw pictures of items that go in each category.