1.  Before Viewing: Explain that you’ll watch Elmo, Abby, and Rosita have a special kind of picnic—Elmo and Abby are at a park, and Rosita is at home. Each family makes decisions that are right for them, but they’re still able to share a favorite activity together.
  1.  During Viewing: Watch once all the way through, then watch again, pausing to talk together about what you’re seeing. You might talk about similarities and differences and how each family has its own strengths, challenges, and circumstances. Point out how Abby and Elmo are being good listeners.
  1.  After Viewing: As you go through the day, practice having kind conversations. Let children know it’s okay to have questions, and that there are ways to ask them compassionately. Try these phrases in your own conversations with others: “How have you been doing?” “That must be hard.” “What are you looking forward to?” “Oh, I admire the way you ______” (keep your sense of humor, for example).