Children might be having a lot of different feelings at the start of the school year. You might have to remind them that those feelings are ok and that changes can also bring a sense of adventure. Together with children, watch this video to see Alexa the astronaut go on a letter A adventure. She sees an acrobat swinging from an asteroid, an alien playing the accordion, and an alligator eating apricots! No matter what she encounters, Alexa keeps a positive attitude!

  • Before watching: Talk about the word adventure. Ask: What is an adventure? When have you gone on an adventure? What did you see, do, and learn?
  • While you watch: Notice all the interesting things Alexa sees. Point out how much she’s learning on her adventure.
  • After watching: Let children know that going back to school is an adventure, even as things change like wearing masks all day and not sharing toys at school. Discuss some things that might be new and exciting. Ask, “What are you looking forward to?”

Remind kids that it’s okay to feel uneasy, too. Adventuring requires courage! Let them know they can talk with you about their feelings, and you can try to solve problems together. Tell your child, “You’re not alone. We’re on a team.” Adventures can be even more fun with good company.

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