Way to Wash!

  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds. Important times to wash are: after you sneeze or cough, before eating, and after using the bathroom.
  • Make sure kids can easily reach the sink, soap, and towels. If soap is not available, use alcohol-based (60-90%) hand cleanser.
  • Have kids sing the entire alphabet song as they scrub, so they know how long to wash.

Cover It Up

  • If you need to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth or nose with a tissue and throw it away after using it. If you don’t have a tissue handy, cough or sneeze into the bend of your arm to help keep hands germ-free.
  • Help kids practice coughing into the bend of their arm. Show them how their elbow makes a little corner (or cup, or cave) when they bend their arm and remind them to “cough into the corner (or cup, or cave).”

So Long, Sniffles

  • Keep tissues where kids can reach them. Say, “When you feel a tickle (in your nose or throat), grab a tissue.”
  • Show kids how to wipe their noses with tissues. Guide them to throw their tissue out right away and then wash their hands. Teach them these three steps: wipe, toss, wash.